106 Third Street
Astoria, OR 97103


ART EXPERIENCES FOR CHILDREN - - Instruction by Christine Kende

First Saturday of each month 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Next month February 1st

This once a  month class, for children grades 3 and up, is held on the first Saturday morning of the month.   Class runs from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM.

     Students will learn the principles of art and explore different media.  Each month we will highlight a different media and art principle. 

     In each session students will have 2 projects to work on.  Students will make fused glass - picture painting, these make wonderful gifts.  Students will have the option of making ornaments, using recycled glass, fused glass collage, junk sculpture and much more. 

Class begins on the first (1st) Saturday of each month, at 10:30 AM.

Cost per session:  $20  - this includes all supplies.

Glass horse piece created by Kim Hale

NEW ongoing monthly ART JOURNAL WORKSHOP - - Debra Jones, Mixed Media Artist

Third (3rd) Saturday of each month - - 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

February 15th

A new ongoing monthly Art Journal Workshop


Each month a new technique will be introduced with products you get to try. Bring your own choice of journal and your supplies that you enjoy using. After a brief intro about a new product, we will have time to create in our journals. Lot’s of fun. Bring a friend!

There will be a special show in 2020 for all those people interested in showing their journals.  

Location:   The Astoria Art Loft. 

Date & Time:   Every 3rd Saturday from 10am-12:00.

Instructor:   Debra Jones, Mixed Media Artist

Contact:    The Astoria Art Loft  

             (Above Dots ‘N Doodles Art Supply)

             Email: astoriaartloft@gmail.com

             Phone: 503-325-4442

 Gallery & classrooms open Tuesday-Saturday 10-4

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                    Fee:    $25 monthly. Covers extra supplies

IMAGERY with GLASS - - Christine Kende, Instructor

Every Tuesday 1:00 PM - - 4:00 PM
Next class begins February 4th

Every Tuesday,1 - 4 pm

Create imagery, realistic or abstract, with glass powders and other heat shaped elements.

Contact The Art Loft 503-325-4442 or email cskende@hotmail.com for more information

Samples you see here include the following techniques;

1. tac fuse powder to create a ‘tooth’, then paint with cutting oil and dust powder on, or dry paint powder.

2. stencil backgrounds and layer other imagery on subsequent firings.

3  sift powder and manipulate with various tools.

4. alter any technique with heat for texture.

5  alter any piece with additional layers.

6  sketch with vitrigraph elements (writing with glass-hot glass is pulled into organic shapes).

7. fused mosaics and collage.

8  glass paper.

9  sand casting imagery.

10 ‘pour’ painting with fusible enamel paints...or use a brush. These are enamels that are compatible with the glass we’ll use.

11. Talk glass, drop those words like an expert, i. e. , coe, 90,96, fusingslumpingtac, firing schedules…..

Kende will have structured fused glass classes (1class per week for 4 weeks) using the traditional/formal creative process.  Each class will include an educational component on the art of fusing glass. 

Participants will create imagery, realistic or abstract, with glass powders and other heat shaped elements.  Techniques will include sgraffito, vitrigraph sketching, and other techniqu.

Samples can be seen at the Art Loft.

Occasionally, Kende will also have themed workshops.

COST:   $35 including all supplies per class  - -  The workshop fee is to be paid in advance or at the beginning of each session.

Christine Kende holds Fine Arts degrees in Music and Education.  She paints with glass because it combines material science and the physics of glass and art.  She has painted with watercolor and acrylic but found her 'voice' is in glass. 

Originally from New Mexico, she gave up the more arid landscape of Utah to be closer to the great Pacific Ocean.

Visit Christine's artwork at - www.ckende.faso.com

Glass piece created by:   Chrstine Kende


MAY 16 & 17, 2020

First day: class begins at 9:00 AM - - 3:30 or 4:00 PM - -

This two-day watercolor workshop emphasizes the use of simplified composition, value structure and color.   Included are short lectures on visual structures and demos from B&W and color photos.  Individual critiques will be available throughout the two days with a group critique each day.

Day 1 - Lecture on visual structure and composition with emphasis on values.  A brief discussion on paints, brushes and papers is followed by another demo from black and white photos.  Painting time;  end of day critique. 

Day 2 -  Lecture on visual structure  and simplification with emphasis on values, color, light and shadow.   Demo from color photo.   Painting time and end of day critique.


PAINTS:  Azo Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone                   Magenta, Alizarin Crimson, Dioxazine Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt, Blue,                   Cerulean Blue, Phthalocyanne Blue, Burnt Umber, Payne's Gray, Ivory Black,                   Chinese White

BRUSHESRound brushes, 4 to 5 sable or synthetic and a couple of squirrel (variety of                       sizes).

                      Flat brushes, 4 to 5  (variety of sizes)

                     Just bring what you already own.

PAPER:      ARCHES Cold Press

                    10 X 14  or  9 X 12  - - 140/lb  

                    12 sheets or whatever brands that you are comfortable with

OTHER:     Palette, small sketch book, thin sticks of vine charcoals, water container, paper towels,                     masking tape, drawing board, #2B pencils, palette knife, eraser and a small stray plastic                     spray bottle


    VISIT  Yong Hong's website at:  WWW.YONGHONGZHONG.COM



1st Session June 22-27 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

2nd Session August 3-8, 2020, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

$100 per student each week
(if more than one student per family, let's talk about the additional fee)



The Clatsop County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust awarded a grant for two one-week-long summer camps featuring art and music for children (ages 7-8 through 12-13) to be held at Astoria Art Loft, 106 Third Street, Astoria.  Grace Episcopal Church is the 501c3 sponsor and provides the non-profit status required by the Coalition.  The camps will be held on June 22-27 and August 3-8, 2020, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.  The cost for each week-long camp is $100 and some scholarships are available.  All materials will be supplied.  The teachers are well-qualified, are artists, and are multi-lingual.


Art activities and music activities are scant in local public elementary and middle schools, even though research shows a positive correlation between success in reading and math with art/music activities and experiences.  A summer camp emphasizing art and music may encourage growth in academic studies and interest in cultural activities.


Each camp runs for 6 days and children are expected to attend all six days.  The sixth day of each camp, a Saturday, is show-n-tell for parents, family members and friends to see and hear what the children have accomplished.  Refreshments are part of the celebration,


Parents or adult family members are invited to participate in the art/music activities and thereby, encourage and support their children.  Seeing adults doing and enjoying art and music may provide rich role models.  Involved parents may be more likely to take their children to see and hear concerts, plays, and other cultural events during the year.


The camps will include information about well-known artists and musicians from various cultures such as Frida Kahlo and Edvard Grieg, multi-cultural art and music activities, snacks and lunches, in a setting which has an art gallery, library, artists’ studios, classes and workshops. The atmosphere is one of support, encouragement, and acceptance.


For more information and/or to enroll your child. Please contact Jo Pomeroy or Jeannette Davis at the Astoria Art Loft:  503.325.4442 or 503.791.8444;  e-mail:  astoriaartloft@gmail.com.  Enrollment for the June camp closes on Friday, June 5, 2020.  Enrollment for the August camp closes on Friday, July 17  2020.