106 Third Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Resident Artists And Creative Spaces

Artist Studios And Creative Spaces

The interior of the Loft was originally built around upholsterer's wooden workbenches with windows looking out onto the Columbia River. In creating individual spaces for artists, we were able to maintain some of that Astoria history and character.

Spaces range from approximately 120-200 square feet. Each has its own power source and window. The flooring is the original, rustic planks. Storage drawers and/or shelving vary by studio.

As a Resident Artist of the Loft, your amenities include 24/7 access, wifi, limited kitchen availability (shared refrigerator and microwave), and a shared bathroom. Resident Artists also have the opportunity to share their bio and link to their website on this website.

Rental agreements include a first and last month's payment along with a refundable security deposit.

Resident Artists are also invited to show their work at least one time per year in our Gallery's Resident Exhibit. Arrangements for shows are subject to the Loft Management's and the Artist's agreement.

Given the open nature of the facility, and as a courtesy to our other Resident Artists, we ask for references and may conduct a limited background check.

The Loft is unable to accommodate art involving open flame, kilns, noxious fumes, and heavier equipment.

For more information and availability, please contact us.


Resident Artists

Studio 1 - - Sandra Kelley, ZENTANGLE ARTIST

I first discovered the amazing Zentangle method of creating beautiful art "one stroke at a time" in 2011. When I went to Providence RI in the fall of 2012, I received my certification to teach others this terrific art form. While I love creating original art with the Zentangle method, teaching others how to create beautiful art with nothing more than a pen and paper brings a special joy to my life.


 The Art Loft offers teachers and students the perfect class space for all types of art lessons. The creative spirit of the space and the resident artists makes learning a fearless endeavor. When I first began my artistic journey, I very soon lost my fear of failure and the thought that I will never be good enough. I believe Zentangle to be the perfect tool for beginners to do the same. I love seeing and hearing my students during class commenting on their amazing progress. 


I did not have an artistic background before I discovered Zentangle, but I have always been curiously creative. By that I mean; I have tinkered with quilting, ceramics, cross stitch, embroidery, and just recently I have begun to tinker with wire wrapping jewelry. I feel all art is a learning process and if you enjoy that process the completed product is sure to please. 


Once we can hold classes again, I will set up a class for anyone interested in learning the Zentangle method.  Keep checking in with the Art Loft website. 

See below for her art work.

Studio 1 - - Sandi Kelly

Spring Is Everywhere!

Studio 1 - - Interior Space - - Sandra Kelley

This is a Zentangled inspired art piece by Sandy.

Studio 2 - - Rebecca (Becky) Mittner, WATERCOLORIST

Becky's realistic and whimsical styles are always a treat to view.


This delightful little fella is painted in watercolors.


This whimsical "sea creatures" of the deep will make you smile.

This painting is also a watercolor.

Studio 3 - - Cyd Perhats - - Mixed Media

Cyd is new to the Art Loft and to Astoria.  

I’ve always viewed the world through a creative lens, but it’s been a long journey to become comfortable with calling myself an artist.

I made my first painting with wet clay (mud), a stick, and pavement for the substrate. And, I still love to incorporate natural found objects in the creative process!  I find inspiration everywhere, from the magical patterns of light and shadow to the sensual alchemy of River Sea Sky and Forest.

As a mixed media artist, I enjoy working with all kinds of materials including vintage ephemera, fabric, metal, wood, natural dyes, collage, charcoal, paint, cold wax, and ink. I’m drawn to ancient artifacts, the symbolism of indigenous cultures, and the exploration of our shared humanity through the transformative experience of visual storytelling

Look forward to having her here at the Art Loft and seeing her art creations.

Studio 3 - - Cyd Perhats

N F S 

Studio 3 - - Cyd Perhats

You have to see this beautiful painting.  There are various layers of painted surface.

Studio 8 - - Jennifer Goodenberger, VISUAL ARTIST & CONCERT PIANIST

Jennifer Goodenberger is an accomplished visual artist, having shown in numerous West Coast galleries. Inner and outer journeys to landscapes of the mind and spirit are her continual inspirations. Her influences include medieval illuminated manuscripts, crop circles, archetypal symbols, sacred geometry, and designs from ancient and world cultures,. She currently is focusing on collages with paper.

Jennifer also has a “day job.” She is a concert pianist, composer, and recording artist, with 8 recordings of solo piano music.

Jennifer shares studio space with Bonnie Wolgamot

Studio 8 - - Jennifer Goodenberger,

The world awaits !

Studio 8 - - Jennifer Goodenberger,

Insects make an interesting card or wall art.

Studio 5 - - Christine Kende, FUSED GLASS ARTIST

My artist journey with glass started a little over 20 years ago. I hadn’t seen any major works of art in glass. I thought I’d make beads. So, with a tiny kiln (6” x 6”) and some scrap I began. There was a glass art guild in Salt Lake City where some of the founding members were giving instruction. A chance opportunity to do a commission prompted me to purchase a bathtub size kiln, attend classes at Bullseye glass in Portland, and make this my medium of expression.  

Since then I’ve done more commissions, exhibited in galleries and taught.

The public is more aware of glass blowing, stained glass and mosaics, but kiln formed glass  is enjoying a renaissance with artists of all abilities world-wide. I enjoy exploring the physical possibilities of what glass and a kiln can achieve.

Christine Kende's -

Astoria cityscape and an underwater fish scene. 

Studio 5 - - Christine Kende

Oregon's mystic Mt. Hood

Studio 7 - - Jacquelyn Hern - - GLASS & WATERCOLORIST/MIXED MEDIA

Jacquelyn began painting with oils in her early twenties, later switching to acrylics.  

There is something magical about seeing a blank canvas come to life, be it bright colors, movement, or the beauty and tranquility of nature.  I also love the whimsical as well as reality.

I've been working at the Art Loft with watercolors for the last three years, and am looking forward to learning so much more.  I feel a special satisfaction when a painting come out well.  I come to life.

Studio 7 - - Jacquelyn Hern



9" X 12"

Studio 7- - Jacquelyn Hern


9" X 12"

Studio 7 - - Bonnie Wolgamot - - ACRYLIC/MIXED MEDIA

Studio 7 - - Bonnie Wolgamot

Studio 7 - - Bonnie Wolgamot

ASSOCIATE ARTIST - - Debra Jones - -

Debra Jones


I have enjoyed the creative arts since I was young. As an adult, workshops led me to the Sitka Art Center, La Paloma Art Center in Mexico, and Chinese watercolor in Japan. I created a Women & Wine workshop series, curated Artist shows, including the Nch’i-Wana Native American show at Skamania Lodge. I also received grants to teach my Creative Art Classes in Oregon and Colorado Senior Centers.


I am an Associate Artist at the Astoria Art Loft. I’m enjoying the opportunities to create with the other artists. Sharing what I am learning with 4-H kids is amazing. My biggest joy was teaching art classes at the Knight Cancer Center. Art truly is healing. 


Using her sketch book at the beach.



Framer, Michael Bruhn and his two trusty companions, is not only a excellent framer he is also an artist/musician in is own right.

    The frame shop is located within the Art Loft.  Call Michael for an appointment at 503-791-8188 or the Art Loft 503-325-4442             

                  Affordable custom framing

                  Frame and glass repair

                  Sales of molding, glass, mats

                  Art installation at your location

                  Fabric Stretching

                  Matt cutting

                  Ready make frames 

                  Volume discounts


Patty is a watercolorist.  She has written, illustrated, and self-published the two books below.  Patty is now working on her third book.

Her children's adventure books are not to be missed


As the title says, this is the story of a little Gold Fish named RAT...  

Patty has a few of the books left.   A delightful story for all ages.


This is Patty's latest little story book.  As the title says it is an adventure in the country.

ASSOCIATE ARTIST - - Vicky Combs-Sinder

I moved to Oregon, 14 years ago. Since my job was in sales, I was blessed to travel the back roads of all 50 states. Our country is a beautiful canvas, full of vibrant colors and majestic subject matter.

Four years ago, I retired to the Oregon coast and started to paint. I love to push the limits of oils. With all the wild life, the mountains and the ocean, I have an unlimited list to paint from.

Vicky Combs-Sinder

This is an oil painting.

5 X 7

Vicky Combs-Sinder

5 X 7 oil painting of the Bandon light house.


Growing up with parents that are Artist and professional musicians instilled in me a deep appreciation for all things creative.

I have had experience working with different types of expression in art such as drawing, acrylic painting, pastels, charcoal and even Pyrex glass blowing. Over the years and raising two children on my own my passion for art was put to the wayside.  Over the last year and and a half this burning desire to paint and create has been restored through my passion for watercolor.

I am excited to begin this new Journey in the world of creating with painting and anything else that comes my way. I was beyond thrilled when I discovered everything that the Art Loft has to offer. I have learned so much under the tutelage of the lovely Jo and hope to continue with whatever the future holds in store for me.

Teresa Manjard


Sailing along the shore.

Teresa Manjard


A rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.  

Studio 2 - -

Studio 2

Studio 2

Studio 10 - - Heather Nicholas - - MIXED MEDIA, ART DOLLS, & ACRYLIC PAINTINGS

Heather “Colibrí” Nichols 

            Favorite Mediums: acrylic paint, ballpoint pens, copic markers, gouache, needle felting, digital drawing/painting (Procreate on iPad) and sculpting with various types clay

            Past Experience: drawing caricatures at markets, fairs and events, teaching classes/workshops, selling at craft markets, painting live at events and painting murals

            Currently Creating: mixed media art dolls, figurines, acrylic paintings, sketchbook musings and digital paintings

            Storytime: In the midst of a chaotic childhood, I found solace in my imagination. Peace in nature. A sense of calm when working with my hands.

            In second grade, I drew a giraffe and realized how good it feels to draw.  The praise I received from my teacher and fellow students, filled my little spirit up with the support and attention I was lacking at home. By fourth grade I was convinced that when I grew up, I would be drawing cartoons for a living. 

            I kept drawing. 

            I skipped recess and stayed after school, with a handful of other kids, to take lessons from David. A volunteer art teacher who would visit our elementary school a few times a week. 

             Junior high and high school offered art classes as an elective and I took as many as possible. When I graduated, I went straight to searching the help wanted ads in the newspaper for any art related job I could find. I landed a job drawing caricatures for a company at Sea World San Diego. My childhood dream had been realized. 

             I drew caricatures for a living for 20 years (and still do, on occasion). All the while, I had been experimenting with different art media, taking classes here and there and exploring the worlds in my imagination. Filling up my sketchbooks with nature spirits, odd creatures and semi-nude female characters. Displaying and selling my art at coffee shops, galleries, shops, markets and art walks. 

             In 2014 I started focusing more on the nature spirits and odd creatures in my sketchbooks and decided to put the spotlight on them in 2017. I named them Mysterious Others. If you would like to learn more about them, you can visit my website www.mysteriousothers.com and on social media @mysteriousothers

             I feel fortunate to share the space in the Art Loft with such lovely humans. It’s been so easy and natural to settle into my studio space. It’s the perfect environment for creating. I’m looking forward to connecting more with the Art Loft residents and with the local community. 


Studio 10 - - Heather Nicholas