106 Third Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Resident Artists And Creative Spaces

Artist Studios And Creative Spaces

The interior of the Loft was originally built around upholsterer's wooden workbenches with windows looking out onto the Columbia River. In creating individual spaces for artists, we were able to maintain some of that Astoria history and character.

Spaces range from approximately 120-200 square feet. Each has its own power source and window. The flooring is the original, rustic planks. Storage drawers and/or shelving vary by studio.

As a Resident Artist of the Loft, your amenities include 24/7 access, wifi, limited kitchen availability (shared refrigerator and microwave), and a shared bathroom. Resident Artists have the option to include their art medium, a photo and their contact information on this Studio page of the Art Loft’s website.

Rental agreements include a first and last month's payment along with a refundable security deposit.

Resident Artists are also invited to show their work at least one time per year in our Gallery's Resident Exhibit. Arrangements for shows are subject to the Loft Management's and the Artist's agreement.

Given the open nature of the facility, and as a courtesy to our other Resident Artists, we ask for references and may conduct a limited background check.

The Loft is unable to accommodate art involving open flame, kilns, noxious fumes, and heavier equipment.

For more information and availability, please contact us.


Resident Artists

Sandra Kelley, Resident Artist and Instructor at the Art Loft

Sandi Kelley creates Zentangle® inspired art in pen, ink and graphite.

As a certified Zentangle® instructor, Sandi teaches this art form here at the Loft.   

For more information about her art or her classes, contact information follows:



        Astoria Art Loft    503-325-4442

Cyd Perhats, Resident Artist

Cyd creates art with Mixed Media

As a mixed media artist, Cyd works with all kinds of materials including vintage ephemera, fabric, metal, wood, natural dyes, collage, charcoal, paint, cold wax, and ink. She is drawn to ancient artifacts, the symbolism of indigenous cultures, and the exploration of our shared humanity through the transformative experience of visual storytelling

Contact information for Cyd is c/o the Art Loft  503-325-4442

Christine Kende, Resident Artist and Instructor at the Art Loft

Christine is a fused glass artist.  She has extensive knowledge in the various kinds of glass used in this art form; in creating designs with glass; and the kiln firing process needed to finish the work.  


This summer at the Art Loft, Christine leads three Children's Summer Art Camps.  These one week workshops will teach children about Pacific Northwest culture, its art, animals, and science.

If you would like more information about Christine and her art, her fused glass classes, or the Summer Children's Art Camps, she will respond to email or text.

Email:  cskende@hotmail.com

Text only:  435-901-2211

Stephen River Smith, Resident Artist

Stephen River Smith's art career includes the worlds of film, theater, music, and graphic and fine art.  A screenwriter, novelist, illustrator, photographer, and singer-musician with years of enjoying the overlap of all of these, along with his overdue return to his love of painting, having long-ago studied under Seattle's acclaimed Delbert Gish.  Smith's work now consists of an amalgamation of the following:

Illustrating his epic fantasy series, ARALEYA, while working on his fourth book in the series;  initiating novelization of his screenplay, THE LAST CAMP; completing his half-finished novel, CRACK IN THE ALTAR; and continuing to play with a creative photographic style focusing on Astoria and the region-- one that represents the influences and mood of its unique history and flavor, both white and indigenous.

Contact information for Stephen River Smith:

Telephone:   541-390-5877        Email:    stephenriversmith@gmail.com

Brandii O'Reagan, Resident Artist

Brandii O'Reagan is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska moving to Astoria in 2018.  She has spent a lifetime connected to the outdoors.  A career in seafood processing strengthened her ties to the sea and the creatures who live in it.  This connection to the world around her and a desire to better understand organisms themselves and the way they interact with their environment, has driven the subject matter of her art.  Driftwood lines her studio and ideas evolve over time. Often finished pieces begin as a thought or idea hastily scribbled in her nature journal while hiking and beach combing.  Brandii works in many mediums, including watercolor, acrylics, and sculpting.  Her favorite sculpture base is driftwood she finds along the waters edge.   She can frequently be found in her free time strolling or kayaking the banks of oceans and rivers, looking for art already started by nature.

Contact information for Brandii is c/o the Art Loft at 503-325-4442

Arists' Hall of Frame, Sandra Kelley Proprietor

Custom Framing catering to the local artists' community with preservation of original art a priority.

Contact information for the Artists Hall of Frame:



Debbie Pope, Resident Artist

Debbie is an experienced fused glass artist and jewelry designer.

Contact information  for Debbie is c/o the Art  Loft at 503-325-4442

Cathy Gran, Resident Artist

Beginning with graphite and drawing pet portraits, Cathy moved on to working with colored pencil.  Studying with Colored Pencil Artist Kristy Kutch at the Art Loft, Cathy has explored the various kinds of pencils, drawing techniques, surfaces and subjects.  

In addition to her residency at the Art Loft, Cathy has joined the Loft's owners in overseeing its day-to-day operations.   She is available to answer questions concerning classes, exhibits and the Loft's studios.

Contact information:

Telephone:  503-325-4442

eMail :         Astoriaartloft@gmail.com

Jennifer Goodenberger, Resident Artist

Jennifer Goodenberger is an accomplished visual artist, having shown in numerous West Coast galleries.  Inner and outer journeys to landscapes of the mind and spirit are her continual inspirations.  Her influences innclude medieval illuminated manuscripts, crop circles, archetypal symbols, sacred geometry, and designs from ancient and world cultures.  She currently is focusing on collages with paper.

Jennifer also has a "day job."  She is a concert pianist, composer, and recording artist, with 9 recordings of solo piano music.

Contact information: 

Telephone:  503-325-4442

email:   jenniferspiano@hotmail.com 

Mary K Adams, Resident Artist and Instructor at the Art Loft

As an art instructor and colleague, Mary K is a valued member the Art Loft community.  Her artistry includes drawing with pen and ink, painting in watercolor and acrylic, and crafting.

Mary K is available to teach individual or group pen and ink instruction. 

For more information about classes or Mary K's art, contact the Art Loft at 503-325-4442 or email astoriaartloft@gmail.com