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One-on-one Drawing and Oil Painting, Robert Paulmenn Instructor

For more information or to schedule sessions, contact the Art Loft

Robert Paulmenn is a well known artist in Oregon's North Coast and beyond.  His work includes his contribution to Astoria's historical Column's restoration.  His paintings are exhibited and offerred through Astoria's RiverSea Gallery.

Individuals have the opportunity to learn drawing and painting fundamentals under Mr. Paulmenn's tutelage at the Art Loft.

Sessions are customarily 1-3 hours.  Hourly rate is posted above.

For more information, contact the Art Loft at 503-325-4442.

Chinese Brush Painting, Tom Grogg Instructor

Coming in the Spring
Supplies included
Learn the technique used for Oriental Brush Painting.

Learn the art of Oriental Brush Painting and how to master the Chinese calligraphy brush on rice paper. This introductory/intermediate class will focus on brush strokes in ink and painting in watercolor.    Tom is a professional artist, illustrator and graphic designer.   He has studied with Master Ning Yeh, a recipient of an Emmy awarded for Outstanding Education Instruction documentary on PBS.    Materials for the class are furnished.  

Contact the Art Loft  for more information.   503-325-4442 or email astoriaartloft@gmail.com

Watercolor - Beginning and Advanced - Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Instructor

TIME: 3:00 pm - - 6:00 PM
Other days and times may be available upon request

Jo Pomeroy-Crocket teaches watercolor at the Art Loft.  A beginning student in her class will learn basic watercolor techniques, color theory, design, composition, and problem-solving.  The advanced student will learn additional techniques, experimental techniques, different styles, and more.

As your instructor and as a co-owner of the Art Loft, Jo brings considerable artistic and life accomplishments to her student's instruction.  More details about Jo are shared within this website under the "About" heading. 

Jo conducts on-going watercolor classes every Thursday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm in the Art Loft's relaxed classroom setting.  For more information about this class, other painting medium classes, supplies, or general questions, call 503-325-4442 or 503-791-4442.                                                                    

Beginning and Intermediate Acrylic Painting - Jeannette Gran-Davis Instructor

Classes are Wednesdays, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Enrollment is currently full.

Classes explore the medium of acrylic paint. 

Contact the Art Loft at 503-325-4442 for future information. 

Fused Glass - Christine Kende, Artist Instructor

Drop-in Classes are held each Thursday and Saturday afternoons
TIME: 1 PM - 3 PM

Christine Kende has been working with glass for over 30 years, and having  been a science teacher, she finds the overlap of art and science fascinating.

Christine introduces students to the art of fused glass and how it differs from stained or blown glass.  With Christine's help, you will be able to create an "unfused" glass piece on a Saturday afternoon.  Some projects may be more complicated and take longer. You can finish more complicated designs the following or another Saturday.  

After a class Christine will take your unfused glass to her off-site studio to be fired.  Some projects will take multiple firings to attain a finished piece.   Your fused glass art piece can usually be picked it up at the Art Loft on a following Saturday.

For more information about the class, contact the Art Loft at 503-325-4442 or email cskende@hotmail.com

Beginning Drawing

Call the Art Loft for more information on dates and times.

Supplies needed to get started will be provided.  Class time is customarily 1-2 hours.  Time may be available thereafter if students would like "studio time" to practice.

Contact the Art Loft at 503-325-4442 for more information.  

Zentangle® Classes - Sandi Kelley, Certified Zentangle Instructor

Call for dates and times
Telephone: 971-395-9824
Email: sktangles12@gmail.com

Zentangle® is an art form that is a creative, meditative, and stress reducing form of "mental yoga".  Artistic experience or talent is not a requirement for this course.   

Sandi Kelley is a Certified Zentangle® Instructor.  She introduces beginning students to the basic tangle patterns.   Repetitive patterns and structures create beautiful artistic images.   Students begin drawing with graphite and ink.  Shading and the use of color follow.